The Shonku Diaries 2D

UNICORN ADVENTURE If your father is a legendary explorer and adventurer who charts the lost corners of the world, what do you do when he goes missing? If you’re MO and MELODY, the children of CHARLES WILLARD, you literally follow in his footsteps and try to track him down. The determined siblings first enlist the aid of Willard’s best friend, the Indian scientist and inventor, Professor SHONKU. With his trusted mechanical helper ROBU, and AVI, a stowaway neighbor who’s better at gardening than fighting the elements, the rag-tag group finds themselves deep in the Himalayas, following Willard’s last known trail into the mountains. But their journey has not gone unnoticed. FRANZOTTI , Willard and Shonku’s old nemesis has his henchmen LUIGI and THOMASINA stake-out Shonku Manor to follow the professor wherever he goes. Franzotti’s favorite game is to steal any treasure or artifact that Willard and Shonku uncover and he knows they’re onto something big as they’re all going into the icy cold of Nepal. Shonku’s group falls in with a Russian guide named MARKOVITCH, who may be more than he seems. The adventurers soon encounter lost civilizations, ancient temples and trap doors, hidden clues, and a snowbound bandit queen who may have been the last person to see Willard alive. All sides clash in the legendary garden of dreams, home to mythical creatures like unicorns, minotaurs, and fire-breathing dragons-a hidden land in a secret Himalayan valley that few humans have ever seen. Will the children find their father? Will they be able to stop Franzotti from pillaging the garden of its legendary treasures? Find out the answers soon…

Kamal Bansal
85 Minutes

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