Cinemacity Experiences

Ready to be riveted to your seat? Master Image 3D does just that, delivering an entertainment experience that's nothing short of incredible. You'll find yourself immersed in the movie, with 3D so real the action all but leaps off the screen. Colors are more natural, and the picture is so clearly defined, you'll want to reach out and touch it. For unforgettable 3D at its best, experience Master Image 3D.

The Cinemacity Premiere transforms the cinema in 2012 into a 10-plex, offering new developments in the audio and visual industry. The screen features 4K projection and 44 surround speakers; The theater seats approximately 370 guests, 54 of which are unique club class seats. The club class seats, for an additional 3.000 L.L only, are larger and allow more leg room for additional comfort. A wooden tablet lies between every 2 seats for placement of food and drinks. Special services are offered to the customer like in-theater delivery and a special concession lane to avoid waiting in line.